Rick's Signature Accessories have won frequent praise from Honda S2000 owners.
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Here are some excerpts:

Console cover

"Got it, installed it; looks like the S2K was meant to be this way. Makes the center console nice in an understated elegant sort of way. Looks much better this way, but not as though it had been an add-on item."

"Darn, this is my favorite upgrade to the S2000 yet. It really should have been sent from the factory this way."

"This is the single greatest improvement that can be made to the looks of the car. You should patent the idea and get Honda to make it an option."

"Well worth the price. This is how they should come from the factory."

"It beats the hell out of the fuzzy carpet of the original. Honda should take lessons from Rick."

"It went on easily and looks AWESOME!!! I couldn't be happier with it! Absolutely beautiful!"

"My 12 year-old daughter, who loves my S2K but can also be my greatest critic, gave me all kinds of grief about how "obsessed" I was becoming with the car when she saw me taking apart the console--until she saw the cover installed, at which point she exclaimed: 'That looks tight!' And it does."

"I was a bit worried about not being able to do a good job, or breaking something. The end results are simply fantastic. The console cover looks like a factory original piece; only another S2K owner would know that it wasn't."

"The look is super, the quality is excellent, and it fit exactly right. It really dresses up the interior. Before, the carpeted console really junked up the car. Now the interior looks classy."


"I've been driving top down with the Rick's new screen for a couple of days. What can I say? It's brilliant! Really cuts the wind down to zero and makes fast driving a real pleasure. It's just amazing what a difference it makes."

"Installed mine this past weekend and tried it out in 38F weather. BIG IMPROVEMENT! With my fur hat on and gloves I could go topless at any temp. Thank you Rick!"

"Damn..that looks good. I like the contrast the tint provided for the "S2000" etching."

"It looks like you've well outdone Honda with your design. Way to go!"

"What's really remarkable is that Rick has outdone Honda three times now. (Windscreen, console cover, boot). Besting Honda once is quite an achievement. At least Honda can take comfort from the fact that Rick's efforts make their car even better."

'Rick's work is the exact opposite of "rice." Relentlessly tasteful."

"That wind screen is the BOMB!"

"YAAAA!!! Finally a reasonable solution to the windscreen issue! The use of as much O.E.M. hardware as possible is the secret."

"Hell, sign me up for another Rick accessory!"

"My girlfriend is going to love you for this Rick."

Shift Boot and Knob Sock

"I received my shift boot/sock today. Very nice! I'm totally impressed with the customer service and support. "

"Looks awesome!! I love that color combo."

"Got mine yesterday. I too am impressed with the presentation/delivery. It's just so damn professional. My hat's off."

"The boot and the knob sock are both of impeccable quality. Everything came apart and went back together exactly as explained. ...Fabulous job, Rick. Thanks again for doing this with style, and for doing it all so quickly. I can't wait for my next set of leather upgrades."

"The leather is actually better than the seats."

"I LOVE the knob sock, Rick! What a great idea!! "

"I like my sock. I use it when the knob is too hot to touch, then remove when it cools off. You loose some feel so I don't use it normally but nice to have. It will be very useful for those that have winters. I stuff mine in the little mesh map pocket when not in use."

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