All of Rick's Signature Accessories are hand made to the highest quality standards.

Leather accessories are made exclusively by Townsend Leather, one of America's leading suppliers of custom automotive and private aircraft leathers.

Townsend has supplied leather for show cars to Honda and many other domestic and import car manufacturers. For Rick's products, Townsend uses only top quality hides imported from Germany's leading tanneries, which are among the best in the world. The leather used in Rick's products exceeds the quality of the stock leather supplied in nearly all import and domestic cars, including BMW, Jaguar, and Porsche. Most of these cars use second-grade leather hides from South America, which have been extensively coated and filled to hide imperfections. These treatments harden the leather, hide the natural grain, and compromise many of the other natural qualities that give leather its distinctive look and feel.

The first thing you will notice about Rick's leather accessories is their softness and beautiful natural, varied grain. Because the natural qualities of the leather shine through, every leather accessory is unique, and none look exactly the same. And all of Rick's leather products are aniline dyed, which means that the color goes completely through the leather. Rick's Signature

Aero Screens are precision cut by a computer-controlled laser. All exposed edges are then hand polished to a high sheen to eliminate rough or sharp edges. The screens are shipped with a protective plastic-backed paper film to prevent scratching in transit.

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