Many 350Z owners favor the look of the clear corner headlamp assemblies. To save money, some have converted the stock amber-corner US headlamp assemblies, which requires melting the sealant that holds the assemblies together, removing the amber diffusers, then resealing the units. The results, many agree, look a bit amateurish. The turn signal reflector and bulb are exposed, and the assembly looks unfinished.

For as long as owners have been doing the clear-corner conversion, people have been looking for a reasonably-priced set of clear lenses to replace the amber plastic lenses that cover the exposed reflectors and bulbs. Also, there is a risk that improper reassembly of the lamps will permit moisture to condense inside, ruining their appearance.

With the help of several other 350Z owners, Rick’s can finally offer an inexpensive solution. We are now offering clear or smoked diffusers for the US lamp assemblies (diffuser installation instructions). Our diffusers have the same pattern as the stock amber diffusers and fit the lamp assembly perfectly. The diffusers are offered in two colors clear or gray tinted.

A pair of our diffusers in either color, ready to install, is just $55 + shipping.

For those who don't want to take the trouble and risk of taking apart the headlamp assemblies themselves, Rick's is also offering a special conversion option. For only $200 (including the cost of the diffusers), your stock amber-corner headlamp assembly can be converted to clear corners by an experienced Headlight Clearing Specialist. This requires that you remove the assemblies and ship them to our Headlight Clearing Specialist, where the conversion will be done within in about 48 hours and the assemblies shipped back to you. Since you will be paying for shipping both directions, you can select who the carrier is (UPS, FedEx, etc..) and what the speed and cost will be. The lamps are guaranteed to be free of defects and leaks for three months. Any defects in the conversion will be repaired free of charge.

To order the conversion, follow these steps:

1. Select the conversion option. When you place the order, your card will be billed only for the cost of the diffusers ($100) as a deposit.
2. Once your order is processed, you will be contacted via e-mail by our Headlight Clearing Specialist with detailed shipping instructions.
3. Ship them at your expense, to the address supplied by our Headlight Clearing Specialist.
4. We convert them, and ship back.
5. Once the conversion is completed and the headlamps have been shipped back to you, the return shipping will be billed to your card.


When you ship your headlamp assemblies, insure the shipment for $1300.00. This will cover the replacement cost of the headlamp assemblies. You are required to remove the HID bulbs and ballast prior to shipping. This will reduce shipping cost, and these parts are not required as part of the clearing process and can only get and/or cause damage during shipping.

Note: In Stock and shipping

Diffusers Purchase $55
Conversion Option $200

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