Townsend Leather® Finished Leathers are drum-dyed using transparent aniline dyes, then enhanced with clear and pigmented finishes for protection and color uniformity. These finishes are soft and breathable yet highly durable, and help reduce spotting, staining and color fading. Townsend Finished Leathers are ideal for high-traffic areas, combining the best aesthetics with outstanding performance.

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As any owner of the S2000 is all too aware, the carpeted center console is arguably the most unattractive feature of the interior, spoiling the simple elegance of the cabin. Rick's leather console cover revitalizes this awkward cockpit. Made of the finest top-quality leather imported from Germany's best tanneries, the cover fits over the transmission tunnel and hides the unattractive carpet. The cover is available with a decorative top stitch along both sides that gives it a beautiful finish equal to that of the finest high-performance cars.

Rick's renowned do-it-yourself installation instructions, complete with step-by-step photos, are available here (instructions.pdf). Installation requires removal of the top plastic center console piece, which is snap-mounted with six clips and can be easily pried off. Covers are available in black, red, yellow, and silver leather. The red leather versions match the stock red leather seat color perfectly. The yellow leather matches and complements the Spa yellow S2000 exterior and is quite stunning when used in a combination console cover. Perforated leather is available in black only. Perforation spacing and style matches the stock armrest, steering wheel, and door panels.

The console cover is available for both left and right hand drive cars. If your car is right-hand drive, please note this with your order. While 2002 models come with a console cover, this stock cover is made of cheap vinyl, ill-befitting the interior quality most owners desire. Our leather console cover fits tightly over the stock vinyl cover, providing an easy way for you to customize the interior to your own tastes. You can change the color of the console cover, achieve the quality and appearance of premium leather. No modifications of any kind are required to fit the leather cover over the stock cover, and it removes easily if you ever decide to return the car to stock condition. Our new tape-less and snap-less console cover design fits like a glove, and we're calling it the Glove Fit Console Cover. The new mounting method creates a look very similar to the cover Honda provides on 2002s, but, of course, without the appearance of those unattractive snaps. This new mounting method will also make it easy to slip this beautiful leather piece right over the stock 2002 vinyl cover.

The new design features plastic strips sewn along the bottom of both sides. These fold over along the bottom of the leather and slip up between the stock cover and the transmission tunnel, making for a very tight fit. The leather bends around the bottom of the stock cover, making for a seamless, glove-like appearance.

The console cover fits all models (2000 to 2003). To order, select the options you want and click the purchase button.

SOLID Console Cover $135
Right Hand Drive Option:
Perforation available in BLACK LEATHER ONLY:

  COMBO Console Cover $140
Right Hand Drive Option:
Perforated Sides (add $15.00)
Perforation available in BLACK LEATHER ONLY:

Rick's Signature custom-made leather shift boot replaces the cheap stock vinyl shift boot in the Honda S2000. Made of top-quality leather imported form Germany's finest tanneries, the leather boot is much softer to the hand than the vinyl, and has the beautiful natural grain characteristic of fine leather. The boot leather and colors match Rick's other leather accessories.

Made with four separate panels with a decorative top stitch, the boot has die cut holes that fit the stock mounting posts perfectly. Rick's Signature shift boots are available in black, red, yellow, and silver leather with matching or contrasting decorative stitch. The red leather versions match the stock red leather seat color flawlessly. The yellow leather matches and complements the Spa yellow S2000 exterior and is quite stunning when used in a combination shift boot. The silver leather is a nod to the state-of-the-art technology used in this amazing roadster. The shift boots are available in both black and combo colors with perforated black side panels.

Rick's unmatched do-it-yourself installation instructions, complete with step-by-step photos, are provided with each order. To order, just click on the Purchase with Virtual Cart button.

A Team Voodoo S2000 shift knob would also look great sitting on top of your new leather shift boot. See our 'Other Sites' page for the Team Voodoo link.

Solid Color Shift Boot $40
Perforated Side Panels available for BLACK SHIFT BOOTS ONLY (add $5.00)
Combination Color Shift Boot $44
Perforated Side Panels available for BLACK SHIFT BOOTS ONLY (add $5.00)

In extremely cold weather, or after the car has sat in the hot sun in warm weather, many owners have found the S2000's stock aluminum or optional titanium shift knob unbearably hot or cold to the touch. To address this problem, Rick developed his leather knob sock, which fits over the stock shift knob as well as most after market shift knobs, including our popular standard sized Team Voodoos®.

The leather knob sock is made of the same top-quality leather as Rick's other accessories and features an elastic band at the bottom to keep the sock more snugly attached to the shift knob. The knob sock's black, red, yellow, or silver leather is an exact color match for the shift boot and Rick's other leather accessories.

Leather Knob Sock $21

Premium Leather Visor Covers

Many S2000 owners despise the poor quality of the vinyl sun visors, and especially detest the appearance of the airbag warning stickers on both sides of the visors. Until now, the only solution was to cover the stickers with another sticker, or remove them altogether. But even without the stickers, owners were stuck with the cheap vinyl visors.

Rick’s Premium Leather Visor covers solve the problem. Made of the same finest imported leather that goes into all of Rick’s leather accessories for the S2000, these covers zip right over the stock visors.

The covers are sized for a snug fit. The passenger side cover hides the cheap mirror on that side, eliminating an unnecessary and quite unattractive sissy factor in this all-performance car.

Installation is requires no skill and only a screwdriver. The single screw holding each visor in place is removed, the visors slipped out of the slot in the plastic windshield trim, the cover zippered over the visor, and the visor reinstalled.

Leather Visor Covers $117(Set)

The stock seats have two holes in the head rest area to provide a fit for a helmet when the S2000 is raced. The leather headrest inserts fit into and cover the hole and provide a much more comfortable head cushion for touring, cruising and other routine driving conditions.

Made from the same first-quality leather as all of Rick's accessories, the head rests also reduce wind turbulence in the car by blocking wind flow through the mesh screen in the head rest holes of the stock seats.

These head rests have undergone extensive testing and revisions, both to improve the fit and final appearance. Here's a summary of the Version II features:

  • Same top quality German leather from Townsend as all of our leather accessories
  • Available in black, red, yellow, and silver leather, with near-perfect color match for red interior and Spa Yellow paint
  • New colors coming in 2002, to match new interior and exterior color choices
  • Completely sewn together, with zipper closure in the back, so that the padding can be removed or changed to soft or more firm, if you wish (although we doubt you'd want to change it).
  • Layered padding, with foam covered by Dacron, for extra flex and comfort.
  • All leather, including the surfaces, back, and sides.
  • Custom made, to order.
  • A novel force fit system that eliminates the need for unsightly velcro, wire ties, or other attachments. Once mounted, the head rests stay firmly in place at any speed, but can still be removed in a minute or two for racing.
  • Complete blockage of wind through the holes in the seat backs without the need for any other devices or attachments. The two-tier shape of the head rest completely fills the hole, and the outer layer prevents wind from leaking through the sides.
  • Quick and easy installation -- a few minutes or less, and no fumbling with wire ties or other attachment devices.

Perforated leather is not available. Headrests can be ordered with Rick's Signature Accessories logo embroidered in matching or contrasting colors.

Leather Head Rest $225(Set)

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