Because it is too short, the stock S2000 aero screen does little to reduce wind turbulence in the cabin when the convertible top is down. Rick's Signature aero screen replacement, which rises to the height of the roll bar hoops in a graceful curve, solves this problem. It substantially reduces wind buffeting in the cabin over the stock screen or no screen at all.

In addition, the new aero screen improves the appearance of the car quite dramatically. Rick's Signature aero screen is a laser-cut acrylic piece that replaces the clear plastic piece in the stock aero screen mechanism. Since it uses the stock mechanism, which is hinged to fold back, the Rick's aero screen can also be folded back, but with the caveats explained below. In order to mount the new aero screen you must have the stock aero screen. In order to install the new plastic piece, the stock aero screen has to be removed from the car, then taken apart so that the stock plastic piece can be removed and replaced with the new plastic piece. This is a fairly easy task, but requires care. To help, detailed instructions with color photos are provided to guide you through the necessary steps.

Rick's Signature aero screen, just like the stock one, is made of acrylic plastic that is shatter-proof and resistant to fading and crystallization in sunlight. To provide access to the so-called hidden compartment and/or for night driving, the aero screen can be folded back and out of the way with the top up. However, when the aero screen is folded back, the convertible top cannot be opened or closed without the risk of damage to the top or the plastic window. In other words, the aero screen must be in the full vertical position before the convertible top can be raised or lowered.

The aero screen is available in three sizes, full, 7/8s, and stock. Both the full and 7/8s versions provide much improved wind protection in comparison to the stock size. The full size curves to the same height as the top of the roll bars; the 7/8s size is about 3/4 inches lower. When the full size is folded back with the convertible roof up, you must place your fingers over the top edge of the screen to prevent it from rubbing the rear window. The 7/8s version can be folded back without this restriction. The full version offers slightly greater wind protection than the 7/8s. The stock version matches the screen delivered with the car.

Please note: Your must have the Honda's stock windscreen mechanism to install our replacement screen. The windscreen was an option on 2000 model year S2000s, so if you own an MY 2000 car, you may not have the stock mechanism. Without it, you can not install our replacement windscreen. Stock mechanisms can be purchased separately for about $200 from

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One of the additional problems associated with wind management is that the OEM headrest have an open design. This design lets wind pass through the headrests behind your head and into the cabin. To combat this, Majorhavoc's Headrest Wind Blocker were born - it is an insert that in placed into the headrest to block the onslaught of rushing air, you know the air that blows on the back of your head and neck.

This simply, yet elegant, solution is a piece of Lexan placed in the headrest. It's purpose is to reduce the amount air which blows on the back of your head and neck.

MajorHavoc went to a local Lexan manufacturing facility with the intention of buying some material, making a template, sanding the edges and installing it on his car (and only his car!). However, after speaking with the local shop, they agreed to make a template and have one of their hi-tech milling machines cut these in quantity. So, MajorHavoc made the investment!!

Install is VERY easy!! It might take all of 2 minutes!! No joke! The plastic on the back of your seats around the head rest simply snaps on. To remove it, you pull up and out on the bottom.
To install the wind blockers you just lay them against the black mesh in the opening and snap the plastic back on. That's it !!! When installed they are virtually invisible.

Note: MajorHavoc's Headreast WindBlocker are sold in sets. Each set will cover both headrests.

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