Lubrication Engineers' Duolec 1605 Gear Lubricant

Formulated using blends of high quality paraffinic and synthetic base fluids which have been found to provide excellent oxidation resistance, thermal stability, and film strength.

 Contains a highly shear stable tackiness system that allows these products to adhere to metal components, yet remain tacky and within viscosity grade during high shear use or filtration.
 Unique blend of base fluids and thermally stable extreme pressure additives

DUOLEC™ is LE’s proprietary additive incorporating revolutionary technology designed specifically for use in LE gear lubricants. It is a temperature activated, dual acting, liquid additive that imparts special properties and synergies to the LE Products in which it is used. DUOLEC™ increases lubricant film strength and protects metal surfaces outperforming conventional lubricant additives at greater temperatures and loads. DUOLEC™ Vari-Purpose Gear Lubricants are a high-performance line of industrial and automotive gear oils from ISO VG 46 to 1000. These products are designed for use in any industrial gear or bearing application that requires a thermally stable, extreme pressure lubricant. They also meet the requirements for use in many hypoid gear applications employed in heavy-duty mobile equipment. In addition, these products are fortified with a shear stable tackifier to provide adhesion to the metal during use. They contain DUOLEC™, LE’s proprietary dual acting wear reducing and extreme pressure additive. that resist sludge formation in high temperature gear and bearing applications.

 Separates readily from water to provide effective lubrication when moisture is present. Ordinary gear oils will emulsify and foam, causing increased frictional heat and poor lubrication.
 Contains non-silicone defoaming additives which resist removal during oil filtration.
 Contains DUOLEC™, LE's proprietary dual acting liquid wear-reducing and extreme pressure
 Contains no solids.

Duolec 1605 Material Safety Data Sheet


LE 1605 $41.95 per US Quart

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