Snick, snick...

This is the sound of the incredibly engineered shifter of the Honda S2000, the jewel on top of its 9000 RPM engine.

The Team Voodoo shift knob shortens the height from the stock shift knob by approximately 1 inch. This, in turn, shortens the required shifting distance, which increases shifting speed. This small change makes a huge difference in helping to keep you on the VTEC cam while carving away at your favorite twisties! Although the S2000 gearbox and its extremely short-throw shifter has been rated one of the best in the high-performance car world, the addition of a Team Voodoo countersunk shift knob can make each throw even shorter and quicker.

The Team Voodoo short-throw counter-sunk knob was developed by Bob Krueger in collaboration with S2000 owner Chris D'Elena just a few months after the first S2000s landed on American shores in 2000 (Bob had developed the famed Miata Voodoo shift knob and has been providing attractive and functional aftermarket shift knobs for over 10 years).

All Team Voodoo Knobs are CNC machined from either corrosion-resistant 6061-T6 aluminum or elemental grade 2 titanium round billet stock. Billet knobs have been the shifters of choice for racing applications for generations. Sports and prototype cars from the '50s and '60s, from Ferraris to Aston Martins, raced with them. Indy cars raced with them. And Formula 1 cars raced with them too. To this day, every production Ferrari, one of the most elegant and exotic cars on the planet, comes with a spherical billet shift knob.

Our Team Voodoo Shift Knobs are available in aluminum and titanium. Aluminum knobs come in three finishes: polished, spun, and pearl (a clear, high gloss powder coated finish). The pearl is top and spun bottom in the photo. The pearl finish subdues the traditional standing waves of the spun knob's reflective pattern and looks less "pointy" than the spun knob. Pearl Aluminum shift knobs look great with the Model Year 2004 interior redesign of the S2000. Titanium knobs are available in a spun finish only, and is the second from the bottom in the picture. If you want a more subdued or satin finish, this can be easily accomplished by burnishing the knob with 4xxxx steel wool (the kind used in furniture refinishing).

  • Diameter magnum: 2.0"
  • Titanium weight: 284 grams
  • Aluminum weight : 175 grams
  • Neck diameter: .875
Installation of the new Team Voodoo Shift Knob couldn't be easier! Simply release the lock nut at the base of the stock shift knob. Unscrew (counter clockwise) the stock shift knob. Then remove the lock nut. Next screw on the new Team Voodoo Shift Knob. Then sit back and enjoy the functional elegance of your new shift knob. When you're ready to fly, "snick!" into gear and head into VTEC heaven!
Rick's now offers a custom engraving option *
6 Speed engraving
Custom engraving

* As an option, you can have the six speed shift pattern engraved into the top of the knob as shown for an extra $40 Or we can custom engrave any pattern or design you provide for an additional $70 (the "Pimp" design shown in the photograph was custom engraved for an S2000 owner in the United Kingdom. If you chose this option, you must provide a jpg, tif, gif, or other graphic file of your design by email to our email address located on our Caontact page.

Normally most plain and engraved Team Voodoo Shift Knobs are in stock for immediate shipping. If your knob is not in stock, you will be notified by email. Note: Custom engraving will increase the time to make your knob by an additional two to three weeks.

Please Note: These knobs fit ONLY the Honda S2000.

For Other cars, please order from HERE

VooDoo Shift Knob


No Engraving (No charge)
6 Speed Shift Pattern (+$40.00)
Custom Engraving (+$70.00)

Sorry, but we can not offer engraving on the Polished knobs.


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