The stock S2000 does not offer a two-toned steering wheel option as some high performance cars, such as Ferraris, BMWs, and Porsche models. Rick's Signature Accessories alleviates this omission by providing this exceptionally crafted driver's wheel.

Unlike cheap leather steering wheel covers, which are stitched over the existing wheel, the leather on Rick's steering wheel is custom-sewn, then shrunk-fit onto the wheel, making a glove-tight fit equal to or better than the stock S2000 wheel. The same OEM supplier who makes leather-covered steering wheels for the leading domestic and import manufacturers completes this shrink-fit process for each of Rick's S2000 wheels. Rick's two-color leather steering wheel is made of the same top-quality Townsend leather as his other leather accessories.

Before the leather is fitted, each wheel is wrapped with an extra 1/16 of neoprene padding, which makes Rick's two-color wheels slightly thicker than the stock wheel and provides a better and more comfortable grip for vigorous driving.

Color options include red (which matches the red seat leather), yellow (which matches the spa yellow body color), and silver (like the Type-V wheel, available only in Japan). Custom colors are available by special request. Like the stock wheel, black perforated leather is fitted to the right and left side of the wheel. The colored leather, in solid leather like the stock wheel, is fitted to the top and bottom wheel sections.

Rick's two-color steering wheels can be purchased outright or on an exchange basis for half the price. The exchange requires you to send your stock wheel to Rick when you have installed the new replacement wheel on your car. If you make an outright purchase, you keep your own stock wheel.

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Steering Wheel $360
(on sale from $425!)
Purchase new wheel instead of exchange Option (add $375.00)

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