The Yellow Box Electronic Speedo Re-calibrator
The speedometers and odometer on the S2000, and nearly all other modern cars, are calibrated from the factory with a plus 1-2 percent error. This means that actual speed or recorded mileage is actually lower than that indcated on the speedometer and odometer.

Now Rick's offers a solution:
The Yellow Box.

This 1-2 percent error can be magnified even further when you install aftermarket wheels and tires or change the rear gear set. For example, the 4.44 rear gear set for the S2000, introduces another plus 7-8 percent error. This error can result in speeding tickets and other moving violations, put your car out of warranty prematurely, mislead you into premature maintenance expense, and other problems.

The Yellow Box corrects speedometer and odometer error to within 1/10 of a mile or MPH. The Yellow Box is installed in the vehicle and corrects the speedo signal in real-time. It can be re-adjusted at any time to correct for changes in gearing and wheel sizes. Installation and calibration are easy, within the skill of most back-yard mechanics. If installed properly, the Yellow Box will not induce tampering messages from the vehicle's ECU.

o World's smallest speedo recalibrator!
o Tiny size; 37 x 62 x 14mm, weighs only 32 grams!
o Inbuilt microprocessor accuracy
o Instant response, no speedo lag
o Fine correction adjustment; 0.5% steps
o Speedometer correction range; -50% to +100% (1:2 to 2:1 ratio range)
o KPH-MPH and MPH-KPH speedo conversion
o Bright LED displays switch settings and test modes
o System testing on power-up,
o Flashing light shows switch settings
o Built-in Input and output tests
o Rugged solid epoxy construction
o Two Models to suit most modern cars
o Legendary reliability
o 10 year replacement warranty!
o Conveniently powered from speed sensor power
o Plug and Play installation option for S2000 avilable

The Yellow Box is built for reliability -- it is not a cheap disposable mass produced product. To ensure a long life, it is manufactured with:

o High quality plated through hole PCB
o Hand inspection and testing
o Epoxy encapsulated for shock proofing
o No corrosive electrolyte capacitors used
o All parts over-rated by a large margin
o Rugged spike filtering
o Gold plated switch contacts
o Double tensioned connector

The Yellow Box is covered by a 10-year guarantee and can be used in many different cars and trucks, so it will never be obsolete.

Now offering a Plug and Play harness for the S2000

Yellow Box V5 with Plug and Play S2000 Harness

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